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From outdoor adventure writer Michael Hamilton, comes his debut mystery novel. Set on both sides of the Cascade Crest, "The Deadly Hatch" weaves a story of remorse, revenge and redemption with a little time left over to fly fish. After two decades of staring into the eyes of dead perps, stepping over shell casings near riddled bodies and smelling the decomp of mutilated corpses, investigative reporter, Miles Cavanaugh, is wrung out. Burned down to a short fuse, with the barrel of a deadline constantly pointed at his temple, marginal pay and long hours, he flees the canyons of Manhattan returning to his tangled roots in the Pacific Northwest. His imagined homecoming is anything but. READ MORE...

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"The Appeal of Nostalgia"

Michael Hamilton


The Deadly Hatch is Michael's debut fiction novel. He combines his love of story telling with his passion for fly fishing. Prior to his writing career, Michael spent two decades in television and radio as reporter, anchor, editor, producer and news director. His career in broadcast, took him from Vietnam to Seattle. His awards include; Associated Press and United Press International Reporter of the Year; three-time winner of the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Broadcasting. Michael is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, former fly fishing guide and entrepreneur. He lives in his hometown of Seattle with artist Pam Beyette, and Mini-Cooper cat.